Workspaces: Gareth Wild

Gareth Wild is the founder of multidisciplinary graphic design studio Apropos, and he likes a tidy space to work in

I’m usually fairly organised but the studio gets a bit out of control when I’m busy, it could use a blitz at the moment. So it's organised but not always tidy, if that makes sense.

I’ve always been fairly organised, even as a student. A disorganised studio tends to get on my nerves. I don’t mind making a mess, but I have to clear it up when I’m done. I tend to tidy up as I go and keep things in their proper place so I can find them when I need them.

We didn’t have much studio space when I was at RCA, a desk and pinboard and a plan-chest drawer, so you really couldn’t get into too much trouble.

Every year or so I have a major clear out. I’m ruthless, otherwise I would be overwhelmed with magazine and papers and other things that I never use.